Giles Rocholl has over 40 years of professional photographic experience covering a broad range of assignments regionally, nationally and internationally.

He is a highly successful photographer with an outstanding reputation amongst his peers and clients. Starting his career at the age of 16 Giles began as a trainee photojournalist in 1980 with the Ackrill Newspapers Group in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and completed the NCTJ photojournalist course at Richmond College, Sheffield in 1983. He rapidly rose through the ranks to become one of the youngest Chief Photographers in the UK at the age of 20 with seven staff covering a large area of Yorkshire for over 12 weekly newspaper titles.

In 1992 Giles moved to the Yorkshire Evening Post where he quickly embraced new digital media, Apple Computers and Adobe Photoshop Version 1.5. In 1996 he was promoted to Picture Editor for the North West under 'Options for change', by United Newspapers. He was responsible for the training and management of 50 press photographers across the newspapers group titles in Wigan, Burnley, Preston, Blackpool and Lancaster offices. Rapidly achieving his targets he was then tasked in 1997 with setting up the digital photo library services and bringing the companies newspapers online in an early adoption of internet take up. With his small team he achieved a profit on the internet and advertising services he was responsible for and received several awards for the Lancashire Evening Post's website.

In 1998 he was asked to be joint Picture Editor for the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post , Leeds, sharing the title with the great Andy Manning on a bi-weekly rotational basis.

As growth in Yorkshire commerce became apparent Giles saw the opportunity to set up his own company serving the photographic image needs of the Yorkshire business community and went freelance in July 1999.

With a wide skill set and the ability to adapt to market changes Giles has had 20 years of very fruitful and enjoyable work. He currently supplies Landscape, Art, Public Relations, Corporate, Architectural and Construction photography to his many clients.

March 2nd 2020 Review:

Wow!...thank you for the glowing review Forest of Galtres Camera Club (Easingwold)...shucks! 😊…/20200302%20FOGreview… Forest of Galtres Camera Club Monday March 2nd Giles Rocholl Modern Landscape and other Digital Photography ‘Many great photographers and speakers have attended the club, but few have been as inspirational and exciting to hear as Giles Rocholl.’ That is how the report began on the first visit Giles made to the camera club in November 2016. This account of his second visit could begin the same way. Once again, members were able to absorb the incredible quality, and in many cases, originality of perspective, that his photographs conveyed. While Giles talked, a selection of wonderfully varied and interesting landscapes and cityscapes appeared on screen. He is a gifted speaker, weaving technical aspects with anecdotes, and delivering with a combination of humour and a clear passion for photography. He believes in individuals expanding their horizons, pushing the boundaries of their photographic skills and focusing on what excites them. Whilst using the camera, an individual can become so absorbed that there is a temporary relief from the concerns of everyday life. Something we all currently need. Since his last visit, Giles has bought a tilt-shift lens used particularly in photographing architecture to avoid the problem of converging verticals and to maintain sharpness throughout. It can also be used effectively in other areas of photography such as portraiture and street life. Using this lens has enabled him to create an impressive portfolio of architectural images. He always uses a tripod, keeps all files in RAW and uses post processing. The images shared with members covered Iceland, west coast of Ireland, Leeds at night, New York, Spain, Yorkshire and more. Many images have been seen over the years of the wonders of Iceland, but few have ever captured the true magnificence and variety of this amazing country’s landscape as Giles’ images have. He captures within his images the shape and art of the moment. Four of his many images are included here. Enjoy. Many thanks to Giles. A great evening.

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